Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop proudly bakes cupcakes upon special order.
Minimum cupcake order is 1/2 dozen per flavor. Please place orders at least 24 hours in advance by calling
Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop at 760-924-0877. Vegan and gluten free options are available with an additional charge.
Flavors with a * can be made gluten free and flavors with ** can be made vegan and gluten free. Please note, there is a 20% cancellation fee for all cancelled cupcakes and a 50% cancellation fee for cupcakes cancelled within less than 24 hours of pick up.

  • **BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE Yellow cupcake with chocolate malt buttercream frosting & rainbow sprinkles.
  • *BLACK & WHITE CUPCAKE Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting & chocolate sprinkles.
  • **BUBBLEGUM Yellow cupcake with naturally colored pink bubblegum frosting & rainbow sprinkles.
  • **CARROT Our famous carrot cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream.
  • *CHOCOLATE BANANA CARAMEL Chocolate cupcake with banana buttercream & caramel.
  • **CHOCOLATE COCONUT Chocolate cupcake with coconut buttercream topped with fine shred coconut.
  • **CHOCOLATE LEMON Chocolate cupcake with lemon buttercream.
  • **CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream.
  • CHOCOLATE STOUT Chocolate stout cupcake made with June Lake Brewing Company's Rockin' Milk Stout, with stout infused buttercream & chocolate ganache.
  • *CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY Chocolate cupcake with strawberry buttercream and chocolate ganache.
  • *CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI Chocolate zucchini cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache & walnuts.
  • **COCONUT Coconut cupcake with vanilla buttercream & fine shred coconut...lots and lots of coconut.
  • COOKIES ‘N CREAM Chocolate cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate graham cracker cookie crumble & chocolate ganache.
  • *COOKIE DOUGH Yellow cupcake with cookie dough buttercream & chocolate ganache.
  • **CINNAMON ROLL Yellow cupcake with brown sugar & cinnamon swirl and vanilla buttercream.
  • **DARK CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting & dark chocolate sliver on top.
  • *DOUBLE CHOCOLATE SALTED CARAMEL Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream & salted caramel.
  • *GERMAN CHOCOLATE Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream, coconut, pecans & caramel.
  • *HONEY GRAHAM Yellow cupcake with honey buttercream and graham cracker crumble.
  • **LEMON BLUEBERRY Yellow cupcake with fresh blueberries & lemon buttercream.
  • **LEMON RASPBERRY Lemon cupcake with raspberry buttercream.
  • *MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP Chocolate cupcake with mint buttercream and chocolate ganache.
  • *PISTACHIO CARAMEL Yellow cupcake with pistachio buttercream, pistachio crumble & caramel.
  • *SALTED CARAMEL Yellow cupcake with caramel buttercream frosting and salted caramel.
  • *SALTED CARAMEL LATTE Coffee cupcake with a coffe caramel buttercream and salted caramel.
  • **SNICKERDOODLE Yellow cupcake with cinnamon buttercream & cinnamon sugar dusting.
  • **VANILLA CHAI Chai spiced cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream.