photo of Thea Zobel in kitchen

Thea and her husband moved to Mammoth Lakes in 2015, shortly after they were married in the area, because they wanted to raise a family in the mountains. When they moved to Mammoth Thea had a difficult time finding a teaching job, which was her profession for ten years in Los Angeles. So while she was spending a lot of time at home, she decided to dive into baking because it was something she always wanted to master. She is also gluten free, so that was an extra challenge. Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop catered their wedding desserts, and when Thea saw they were hiring she applied immediately. She got the job at the bake shop, fell in love with baking and quickly worked her way up to a baker. Shortly after that she and her husband invested in Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop to be a part of something in their community, and help further the growth of the company.

Thea is a new Mom, to Izzy Zobel, and writes the Mom in the Mountains blog posts. Mom in the Mountains focuses on all the things Thea loves about living in Mammoth Lakes. She’s raising a family in a small mountain town while still enjoying the healthy and active lifestyle she moved here for. Thea loves snowboarding, hiking, camping and exploring the Eastern Sierra. Thea focuses on baking gluten free desserts because of her allergy. Mom in the Mountains provides gluten free recipes, kid friendly recipes, advice, and fun tips for being an active Mom in the mountains. Follow her on Instagram @theainthemountains.