Baker's Holiday Gift Guide

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Are you looking for that perfect gift for everyone on your list? Gift giving is a talent, it's a skill, and it's something that some people have and some people don't. And if you feel like you're in the latter category, that's okay. Because if you are shopping for a baker this holiday season, then I got you covered! I have created an amazing Baker's Holiday Gift Guide that includes all kinds of presents for that special person in your life who loves to bake.

Gifts are more than just presents. They are a way to show the people you love just how much you care. A gift isn't just a tangible item, it's a show of appreciation and thought for the receiver because it shows that you went out of your way to think especially of them. It's not the gift itself that is as important as the thought that went into choosing something that is so fitting. So, in a way, it can seem like the gift is important, but really it's the fact that you know, love, and care for that person so much that you know exactly what they would love - that is the important thing and is what makes a good present a great present. This can be especially important this year because you may not be able to spend quality time with everyone this holiday season.

So, I've come up with some amazing and thoughtful gifts for those people on your list who love to bake. And if they love to bake, chances are that you've reaped the benefits at one time or another! Check out some of these amazing presents that are sure to make the bakers in your family feel the love. I've organized this by budget as well so you can find something that fits in your budget.

Under $15

Measuring Spoon Set

Now, this may seem like a generic gift. And a typical measuring spoon set is. But, if you give your baker friends a measuring spoon set that includes 1/8 teaspoon, that is showing some true love. Most measuring spoons don't include this more speciality size, but if you bake a lot then you know it's an important size to have. This shows thought and care, as well as gives them a gift they may not have purchased for themselves because it is a luxury to have this and not a necessity. Find my favorite one here.

Special Salt Container

If you bake or cook, then you know the difference salt can make. Some recipes will call for a fine sea salt and some call for a course sea salt. Fine sea salt is what most people have in their salt shaker and use on a daily basis. But, if you have more than one type of salt, you may not have something cute and practical to store it in. That's where a special salt container comes in. This is a fairly inexpensive gift, but something that is somewhat of a luxury for your kitchen so many people may not have them. Find a marble option here, and fine a bamboo one here.

Oven Mitts

If you love to bake then you go through oven mitts. They get dirty, they get used, they get a hole... it all happens. And they are a fun way to brighten up your kitchen without it being too kitschy. Here are a few of my favorite classic prints here and here.

$20 to $50


I have two amazing books out! Cookies for Everyone is especially great for the holidays as the holidays are the official season of cookies! And I have 99 recipes for them in that book. Not only that, but every single recipe can be made gluten free with one simple adjustment. And, every single recipe can be made at high altitude with just one simple adjustment. I also have an entire chapter dedicated to vegan cookies, Florentine cookies, and French macarons! So, there is literally a cookie in this book for everyone. Find it here.

My newest book, The Mountain Baker, is also now out! I wrote this book with my partner Kimmy, and we both share some really delicious recipes inside. On top of desserts, which are a given, we also share recipes for breakfast, Apres, cocktails, and dinners. All of the recipes are mountain inspired, and of course made for high altitude baking (along with sea level conversions for every recipe). We also have a slew of vegan and gluten free recipes inside as well! This is a wonderful gift for someone who has a ski cabin, mountain home, or just loves the outdoors. Find it here.

Cookie Sheets

This can seem kinda generic, but many people may not have quality cookie sheets. This is a kitchen tool that can be easily passed down, and passed down, and you may not think you ever need to replace them. However, it's a very crucial tool to baking if you bake frequently. And, it may be something that people may not think they need to replace until they do it and realize how much of a difference it really makes having a new product. My favorite pans can be found from USA Pan here. This is also an inexpensive gift, but also something that people don't usually think to upgrade which is why it can make it very special.

Recipe Box

If you're a baker, then your recipes are sacred to you! And having them organized is something that can be a gift in and of itself. Some people may use binders, some people may have folders, and sometimes I see people putting recipes on paper inside cookbooks. But, everyone has a handful of recipes that are their go to recipes. These are what a cute little recipe box is for! You can't house all your recipes on your kitchen countertop, but you can store some of your favorites and the ones you use most frequently. That way you don't have to search for them through the masses. A cute recipe box is a gift for just that. Because I don't actually shop at stores (because I live in Mammoth) the best place to find these is on Amazon, and it makes it so easy! I've linked one of my favorite ones by Rifle Paper Co. here. Here's a link to a wood one I like here, and another metal one here. And if you're shopping for a different one, make sure to buy one that is made out of metal or wood. Stay away from the ones that are covered in fabric (even the cute ones by Kate Spade), as those won't clean up very well sitting on a counter! And if you want to make this gift extra special, add in a recipe of your own to gift with it!

$50 to $100


A dome is something that many many people, even home bakers, do not have! It baffles me when I talk to people at the bakery and they tell me they don't have this simple yet so important kitchen item! A dome is super important to display and keep baked goods that need to retain their soft, chewy, and moist properties. It's a really simple glass dome that goes over either a plate, a platter, or a cake stand. But, you can get simple ones that can live in your kitchen all day every day. These domes come with a wood or a marble plate underneath which I consider to be a staple for any kitchen. They're more versatile than a pedestal version. Check out my favorite acacia wood dome here, and my favorite marble one here (this one has 2 sizes available). These are a little bit more expensive, topping out around $100. But, a good size to gift would be 10 to 11-inches in diameter. You may find smaller ones (around 7-inches or so) but the smaller ones limit you. If your baking friends bake larger cakes then those won't fit in the small one. Most people bake cakes that are 6-inch, 8-inch, or 9-inch. And cakes are one of the best things to store in domes. You can also store muffins, cupcakes, cookies, breads and more. But, gifting a larger dome is always a good idea.

Baking Class

A virtual baking class is an amazing gift, especially this year with the current situation. I'm hosting virtual baking classes every week! You can purchase a single class for someone, or even better a subscription for a few months or a whole year so they get unlimited classes. We even have gift cards! Click here to view subscriptions and class schedule.