Blueberry Honey Almond Butter Toast

Looking for a healthy breakfast with some added sweetness? Try my Blueberry Honey Almond Butter Toast. This healthy breakfast recipe is so easy to make! It's a quick breakfast you can still make even if you're in a hurry as you can eat it in the car. It's also perfect for a leisurely breakfast while reading a book.

This would be equally delicious if you swap the almond butter for peanut butter or another nut butter of your choice. Toast toppings are so fun because you can easily switch it up depending on what you have in your pantry or fridge. Get the recipe for my easy Blueberry Honey Almond Butter Toast below.

Tips for making the best Honey Almond Butter Toast

• Use bread that you like. If you don't care for whole wheat and only like white then use that, it will be just as delicious!

• Use raw local honey for the best tasting flavor and health benefits. If you have allergies, eating raw local honey can actually help them!

• Make sure to eat/serve this immediately. Toast isn't so great when it sits around for a while, so it's best when eaten right after prepared.

Blueberry Honey Almond Butter Toast

Makes 1

1 piece organic whole wheat bread

2 tablespoons organic almond butter

organic blueberries

organic honey


Toast bread to your liking.

Spread with almond butter, top with blueberries, and a drizzle of honey.

Serve immediately.

Gluten Free - Use gluten free bread.

High Altitude - Follow the recipe as noted.

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