Celebrating 5 Years

Today Mimi's Cookie Bar turns five years old! I didn't even realize it was coming up until someone posted Happy Birthday on our Facebook page, that's how busy I've been. But, now that I realize it's actually been five years, I think it's pretty amazing. Taking a look back on our journey I've realized we've done so much and come so far in a pretty short amount of time. Five years is the same amount of time I worked for Roxy, five years is only half the amount of time Delaney and I have been together, five is a number that can be counted on one hand...five is small! We've had so many ups and downs as businesses do, and that's part of the fun.

There's been so many amazing things that have happened in our five year period. Some of the ones that stick out in my mind are the overwhelming support I have received from Kimmy and Chris Benchetler. Even though they are behind the scenes, they do so much for us here and I am forever grateful to them. The not one, not two but three expansions we've done in the bakery since we've opened. The many other places in town (five to be exact) that sell our desserts. Seeing someone actually cry when eating a cupcake at her wedding tasting, because it was just "that good". Seeing someone fall in love with my passion and want to be a part of it, Thea and Matt investing in the bakery and me gaining new friends for life. And, starting out with one employee (that was me) and growing to a staff of seven, not including myself is probably the thing I'm most proud of. 

We've had some tough times too, and you may have never heard any of these things but everyone has a hard time once in a while. Before we opened, and right after we painted all the wood in the bakery - multiple coats of white paint to cover up the dark wood to be exact. Someone left the door open (or it opened on its own overnight, we're still unclear). And, I came over to the shop the following morning not only to find a bird stuck in the front trying to get out of the many windows we have, but he had pooped all over the freshly painted wood ledges. I tried opening the door to get him out but he wouldn't go out, and just kept flying into the windows. It was going on a half hour or longer then I just started to cry. My delivery guy showed up with a fridge or oven or something, and we'd become friends in those past couple of weeks of constant deliveries, he found me crying on the floor and of course caught the bird in one hand and put him out the front door in about five minutes. We've stayed here until 3 am filling FAB.com orders of Pumpkin Spice Jack O'Lantern Cookies that I thought was a cute idea - until people ordered thousands of them and we realized we had to actually make them, even if it meant almost sleeping here. I had to fire my own sister because she wasn't doing a good enough job. 

All of these things are part of the tough time category, that wouldn't make all the amazing things so amazing if we didn't have these experiences. So, I am ready for the next five years - happy moments, hard moments and everything in between. Bring it on!