Celebrating 7 Years

Today we are celebrating seven years of Dessert’D! This birthday is a big one for me personally because I have had a very stressful year in year seven. Everyone says year one is hard. Everyone says if you make it past year two then you’re probably not going to fail. And, that if you make it past year five then you will be able to step back and look at your business as a business instead of just working in it all the time. Which all have been true for me so far. But no one ever talks about year seven. So, I am really happy to be passing this big milestone. I am ready to look forward and I can’t wait for all the things that will happen for Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop in the next seven years. If it’s anything like the first seven, I know I’m in for a wild ride. And, I will be here to tell you about it because apparently year fourteen doesn’t get much buzz either, so I have no idea what to expect.

Where do I even begin? I started this bake shop over seven years ago as Mimi’s Cookie Bar, with a dream to sell nothing but organic cookies. Well I certainly started with cookies, along with some help from my friends Kimmy and Chris Benchetler and of course my husband, Delaney. After the first year, we realized selling just cookies wasn’t going to fly because people wanted more. They wanted other desserts that were made with organic, real ingredients and no artificial colors too. So we started baking pies, cupcakes, cakes and selling ice cream. Flash forward a few more years and we started talking about the future of the bakery - was there going to be more than one location? Customers kept asking about it, but we had no plans at that time to ever have more than one bake shop. But when it seemed the requests wouldn’t stop coming we decided to revisit the possibility of more bakeries. This was about the time I hired Thea Zobel and she became our manager at Dessert’D. She was so passionate about the bake shop that she and her husband, Matt, decided they wanted to be part of the bigger picture. So, their investment gave us some options. We could open another location, or we could set up the bake shop to sell franchises. We chose the latter simply because we thought we would be able to have more locations faster. And, because living in a town that is only four square miles brings on staffing problems all year long. So, the possibility of me being able to actually leave town to open and run another location for a few years while it got started seemed to be slim because I was constantly covering shifts at the bakery, and I still am today.

When we decided to franchise, we first had to trademark our name. And, we had a hell of a time doing that to say the least. It was almost a year process because trademarks take a really long time to even get looked at by examiners. Once they finally do, and you submit an argument to defend your application, it takes even longer again for a reply. We did this dance for a while trying to explain why our Mimi’s Cookie Bar was different from Mimi’s Cafe - yet the examiners weren’t agreeing with us. So, we decided to bite the bullet and change our name. It was just getting so drawn out with so much waiting, I wanted to move forward. And we realized we’d grown out of Mimi’s Cookie Bar and we weren’t going to let it hold us back anymore. We wanted a name that truly described us and what we had grown into, and that was organic desserts - not just cookies. So, Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop was born and we finally got our trademark.

After a year long trademark process, then it took about six months to write our Franchise Disclosure Document with my franchise lawyer and then get that approved by, yep another examiner. That was a small process that had its own hiccups, but we prevailed again. And, now we are officially selling franchises. We still have yet to sell one, although we have had a lot of interest. It’s a big investment and we want to be truly invested in the person who is going to run a Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop just as much as they’re invested in us. It’s a partnership. We are confident we will find the perfect person to open up the first franchise soon. If you’re interested in being that person, click here.

So, here we are seven years later. We went from a one woman bakery (literally, I pretty much worked solo every day for the first year) selling nothing but cookies, to a fully staffed (most of the time haha) bake shop that ships everywhere in the US and is selling franchises. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look at all the things I’ve accomplished because I’m only thinking about the things that I haven’t accomplished yet. The ones that are still on my list, still goals, and still occupying all my focus. I grew up with a competitive nature. Not sure if it came from snowboarding, or if it was something my Dad taught me, or if I just developed it on my own. My Dad was constantly telling us as kids that we needed to get Straight A’s in school (which I did), so we could go to a good college (which I didn’t go to college at all), so we could get a good job to make good money (still not sure if I have that?) So, I’ve always had the mindset that you have to be the best. Everyone does not get a trophy, and second place is the first looser. I don’t understand the concept of everyone wins, because then who really wins? There’s always a winner, haha. Just proving my age I guess, and the fact that I am definitely not a millennial. So, I have a hard time being in the present because I’m constantly thinking of the next thing, the next goal or the next accomplishment that I must achieve in order to have “made it”. But, what is really making it these days anyway? Is it owning something? Is it being able to call your passion your full time job? Is it being popular on Instagram? Is it getting paid to share a recipe? Or is it owning two or three businesses? I don’t really know because I still don’t feel that I’ve made it yet. But, I’m definitely working on it. I still have lots of goals for the bake shop, lots of things on my list that I want to check off. They’re coming, I’m sure of it. And if I’ve proven anything the last seven years it’s that I won’t give up and I won’t settle. So, I am looking forward to the next seven years of Dessert’D. I can’t wait to achieve more of my goals, and I hope to work on consciously celebrating them a bit more. Bring it on!