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Easy Christmas Cookie Boxes

Learn how to make easy Christmas Cookie Boxes.

Recipe by Mimi Council.

You can find the boxes here. This is a great size to give as a gift to an individual or even a small family. The cookies shown here are all already on the blog. You can find the recipes here:

Make sure to line the box with parchment paper. If you skip this step, the longer the box sits the cookies will start to leave grease stains on the box as it's just a kraft box. This one has a lid as you can see in one of the photos, but it's just brown so it isn't very pretty. You can leave it on or cut it off.

However you decide to give cookies this holiday season, the person on the receiving end will be happy. But, if you can make the presentation look a little dressed up then that is also a present in and of itself. It doesn't take much effort to make a cute and merry holiday cookie box.

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