Easy Christmas Cookie Boxes

Last year I did a post on DIY Holiday Cookie Boxes, and it was very popular. So of course I am doing an updated post this season because there is no wrong way to make a cookie box. And I wanted to show you another option! I have been making holiday cookie boxes since I was really young. Every year, my mom purchased bakery boxes, and we made cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and fudge to stick inside holiday cookie boxes to give as gifts.

You can put anything inside a cookie box, and I always like to add a non cookie related item. When I was young, it was my mom's famous fudge, but last year I did my White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels, and this year I made Dark Chocolate Cashew Pretzel Bark. I guess you figured out I love sweet and salty combos!

Now I'm sure you see all the "perfect" looking cookie boxes on Pinterest, yeah I do too. But are they really realistic? Who gives out wooden cookie boxes with no lid? Not me I guess. So, I'm showing you another realistic option to actually make and give out cookie boxes this year.

This year I used one of the standard bakery boxes we have at the bake shop. You can find them here. This is a great size to give as a gift to an individual or even a small family. The cookies shown here are all already on the blog. You can find the recipes here:

Dark Chocolate Cashew Pretzel Bark

Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies

Cardamom Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Like I mentioned last year, make sure to line the box with parchment paper. If you skip this step, the longer the box sits the cookies will start to leave grease stains on the box as it's just a kraft box. Last year I used a box with a lid, and this one does have a lid as you can see in one of the photos, but it's just brown so it isn't very pretty. You could use the trick I mentioned last year, and decorate the top by cutting off the front of a holiday card and glueing it onto the top of the box, like my mom and I did when I was little. But instead I just cut off the lid to give this an open top so you can see the cookies. Just make sure to wrap the entire box in plastic warp and tape it on the bottom of the box. This way it's also covered, so the soft and chewy Cardamom Chocolate Chip Cookies don't dry out. This is also a good trick when the boxes are overflowing slightly. It makes for a better presentation and it looks like it's overflowing with sweets in a good way! Then, just tie the top with a pretty holiday ribbon.

However you decide to give cookies this holiday season, the person on the receiving end will be happy. But, if you can make the presentation look a little dressed up then that is also a present in and of itself. It doesn't take much effort to make a cute and merry holiday cookie box.

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