Green + Lovely

I was shopping for chapstick recently, one of my most prized possessions if you know me. In the middle of my search for "organic chapstick" as I'm always looking for new ones to try, I stumbled upon a brand I hadn't seen before. Their unique flavors stood out to me as I was scrolling through, seeing flavors like Strawberries 'N Cream, Lemon Meringue, and Chai Spice. I felt like I was looking at dessert flavors, not chapstick! Obviously, I bought some.

After perusing Green + Lovely's products, I discovered they have more than just chapstick. I reached out to Samantha, the founder, and she sent me some things to try. My most favorite thing is the Calendula Skin Stick! Recently in the past year, I have been suffering from dry skin more than I ever have in my life. I've been trying different soaps and taking cooler showers, as dry skin can be irritated by hot water. And I'm sure living at 8,000 feet doesn't help! But, sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and I need relief. I have been carrying a Calendula Skin Stick in my purse for weeks now. I even woke up in the middle of the night the other night to grab it to slather on my arm. There are so many delicious scents, I will be purchasing them all.

I spoke with Samantha, the founder. Get to know her and some more about her amazing organic brand below. (Side note - Thea has all the baby stuff, and she will do a post and follow up on that soon for all you moms out there). And head over to Green + Lovely to shop, she's giving you all 30% off with code MIMI30.

Mimi: How long has Green + Lovely been in business? 

Samantha: Since 2013 - we started just on Etsy.

M: How many employees do you have?

S: Just me :) I contract our help out when I need it and I contract out a graphic designer. I partner with photographers also.

M: Tell me about the brand and what makes it special? 

S: Green + lovely is a premium skin care brand for her, for mama, and for baby. What makes us special is our particular detail to our formulas and focusing on those with skin conditions and sensitive skin (as I myself have very sensitive skin). We stay far away for an extremely long list of ingredients and focus on using only pure, organic, plant based ingredients. Just because a product is "natural" doesn't mean it is necessarily gentle on skin. We have a cute, fun vibe of greens and pinks and have a generally female audience. We also strive to keep our prices affordable for what our products are - very pure and without the use of synthetic fillers to cheapen ingredient cost.

M: Green + Lovely has so many products, what is your favorite? 

S: My personal favorite is the Island Coconut Skin Stick (Amazon best seller) and the Face + Eye Serum. The Face + Eye Serum I use every night after washing my face to take off any extra eye makeup, and to add a gentle surge of moisture and anti-oxidants to my skin. It is loaded with argan oil! For pregnancy/new mom I love the Nature's Herbal Nipple Balm.  It is a God-send!

M: Tell me about how you expanded your product collection. 

S: Our brand started with our Better than Butter Belly Oil - I was pregnant at the time with our first child. I had recently just left R&D for nationwide restaurant chains and we moved to a new city. Since I became pregnant, we decided I would stay home and I put my research and development mindset and skills into my own company, focusing on gentle skin care. I personally have very sensitive skin and have to avoid many products out in the market today (I get rashes). So the company started out of necessity for me, and as a hobby so to speak. But since then, we have grown so much! We are now in over 80 retailers across the country, sell on Amazon and, and are doing more of a marketing push to get others familiar with our brand. We have 3 different manufacturers to help us expand and accommodate our growth (and be able to certify products organic).

M: What makes your products great for sensitive skin? 

S: We only use products rated 1 on EWG Skin Deep Database. The only exceptions we allow that are higher than a 1 is if they are pure minerals or pure essential oils. That is it! So all ingredients are ultra gentle, ultra safe, and very low on the scale as to whether they would result in skin irritation or cancer down the line. We use organic butters and oils (when available) and infuse in botanicals. We scent with only essential oils, or certified organic natural flavors. We use only vitamin E as a preservative or a radish root extract.  We have many customers with eczema who have found relief in our products (our calendula salve, lotion, and skin sticks in particular). 

M: Tell me about your organic chapstick, the flavors are so fun and remind me of desserts. 

S: Our customers love our lip balms!!! We use pure essential oils and/or certified organic flavor oils to scent and flavor our lip balms. They NEVER contain any synthetic ingredients like mineral oil, and go on more as a lip butter to offer long lasting natural moisture! Our lip balms have a sweet presentation to them by their fun dessert flavors, but they do not contain any sweeteners at all (as this dries out lips). Our 2 lip tints are made by infusing botanicals and do not contain any synthetic colorants. They are meant to slightly tint the lips and not like a lipstick application.