Hyatt Indian Wells, California

Last week I went to Indian Wells to visit my Dad. He recently retired and moved there last summer, and I hadn't been to visit yet. So, we planned a quick spur of the moment trip.

I figured it would be nice to relax a little before the summer craziness begins. We stayed at the Hyatt Indian Wells because it was just a few miles from my Dad's. I just searched for dog friendly hotels in the area and originally found La Quinta Resort Club. I told my Dad we were going to stay there and he said the Hyatt Indian Wells was closer to his house, so I looked that one up too. The two were pretty much equal for the nightly rate, both had multiple pools (which is a must for me) and both allowed dogs. So, I was weighing my options. The La Quinta Resort Club had a $100 pet fee (no matter how long your stay) and the Hyatt had a $25/night pet fee. Since we were only staying three nights and the Hyatt was technically closer to my Dad, it seemed like a better option. 

I was surprised how green the desert was! The Hyatt also had lots of plants and flowers everywhere. 

They did have an Adult Only Pool, which I thought was awesome. I spent one day there, but Delaney and I also played basketball in their pool with the hoop. The bummer was they had pool floats but made you pay to use them. That seemed odd for a hotel like this, I would have thought they'd be complimentary. They also had a small water slide, and Delaney and I went down it with the little kids.

Overall the trip was fun because we got visit my Dad, play some golf, go to the pool and of course get a couple cases of GT's Grape Kombucha to bring home. But, there were some other problems with the room and stay at the Hayttt Indian Wells that makes me not want to return. So, I wouldn't stay at this resort again. The next time we'll try another resort in the desert.