Meyer Lemon Thyme Popcorn

It is Meyer lemon season! And Thea's mom's tree has been going off down in Pasadena. Luckily for us, Thea has been back and forth recently, so she's been bringing up lots of lemons! Meyer lemons are very special not only because are they so much prettier than traditional lemons with their darker yellow skin that's smooth as opposed to rough, and their beautiful green leaves. But, their flavor is unlike traditional lemons. Meyer lemons tend to be sweeter and not as tangy or as tart as traditional lemons. That is part of why I love baking and cooking with them. If you are looking at a recipe that calls for Meyer lemons, you can always substitute a traditional lemon it's place, the recipe just won't have the same flavor and it will be more tart or tangy.

Since my Rosemary Sea Salt Popcorn recipe, popcorn has become a common snack for us to whip up at the bake shop. So, when we got all these lemons I just knew I'd be making a popcorn recipe with some of them. This stovetop popcorn recipe is so simple and easy, it takes less than fifteen minutes and you have an incredibly delicious and homemade snack that everyone will love.

Meyer Lemon Thyme Popcorn

Makes 8 cups

57 grams (1/4 cup) organic coconut oil

142 grams (heaping 1/2 cup) organic corn kernels

1/4 stick (28 grams) organic salted butter

1 teaspoon organic dried thyme

1 Meyer lemon

3/4 teaspoon fine sea salt


In a large pot add coconut oil and 3 corn kernels, cover with a lid and put over medium/high heat. Once all kernels have popped, remove popped kernels and add all remaining corn kernels and cover with a lid.

Intermittently, gently swirl around the kernels in the pot. Once kernels start to pop, shake the pot frequently so popped kernels rise to the top.

When popping slows to 1 second between pops, remove pot from heat and remove lid.

Carefully pour popped corn into a large bowl to cool (careful, kernels can still pop at this time). Make sure to transfer into a bowl with a lid so you can coat the popcorn in the next step. Or you can pour it back into the pot, using the lid.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, add the butter and thyme. Melt until completely melted and it starts to bubble, remove from heat.

Juice and zest the Meyer lemon. Add the juice of the Meyer lemon to the butter mixture. Add the sea salt and stir to combine completely. Pour the butter mixture over the popped corn. Add the lid and shake to coat completely. Add the lemon zest and shake to coat completely.

Store in an air tight container for up to 7 days.

High Altitude – Follow the recipe as noted.

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