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Mom in the Mountains | Mason Bottles & Mango Turmeric Baby Food Recipe

I can’t believe that Isabella is almost 9 months old! Before Isabella’s arrival I read many articles, blogs, and tips and tricks for infants. One of them being that many babies won’t take to certain bottles when it comes time to bottle feed. Everyone suggested to try using a bottle once breastfeeding had been established, that way she will take a bottle when we need her to. 

So, I ordered a few different kinds of bottles for her to try. Surprisingly (yet not a surprise at all with her personality) she will take any bottle just fine. She is a very easy going baby. I found Mason Bottle from the research that I did when looking for bottles free of BPA and other toxins. The perfect solution for a non-toxic bottle is glass. But, there are also a lot of glass bottles on the market to sift through. What drew me to the Mason Bottle was it’s price, versatility, and it’s recyclable. Not to mention, the many mason jars that I have left over from wedding decor as I’m always looking for a new way to reuse those mason jars!

Mason Bottles

Mason Bottle is a company that created nipples and sleeves to fit existing mason jars that you have around the house. You can use any size mason jar, regular mouthed. You can get nipples with the right flow for your baby and they fit right inside the lid. You can use mason jars to store breastmilk, formula, pureed baby food, finger foods, toddler snacks, and much more! They are also coming out with a toddler tumbler that’s much more durable with a straw like spout. Mason Bottle recently introduced a non-rusting plastic ring and secured cap (the original mason jar rings can rust if not dried throughly). Isabella loves playing with the caps!

Mango Turmeric Baby Food Recipe

I started with their Essential Mason Bottle Gift Set. It included one 4 oz. mason bottle, one 8 oz. mason bottle, two slow flow nipples for 0-3 months old, two medium flow nipples for 3 to 6 months old, one 4 oz. silicone sleeve, one 8 oz. silicone sleeve, as well as caps. Their nipples are designed with a dual-valve ventilation system to help prevent colic. The silicone sleeve was a great idea, as Isabella dropped her bottle and nothing happened! With the sleeve on it’s easy for her little hands to grip too. I did find that the 8 oz. bottle filled with breastmilk can be a little heavy for her to manage on her own, but as she gets bigger and stronger I’m sure she will have no problem holding this one. I would highly recommend these bottles to any mom’s or mom’s to be. 

Food prep and clean-up is super easy with this system. I can make Isabella’s baby food right in the jar, store it in small or larger portions, and then feed her right out of the jar. No extra bowls to wash! I also see myself using these jars as she gets older, they will be a perfect snack container. You can also freeze food in them, just remember to leave room in the jar for expansion. You can puree super easy things like just plain strawberries or butternut squash, like I did below. And, as we started to introduce new foods we also began introducing various spices. So below is a recipe for Mango Turmeric Baby Food. This one has been such a winner with her, she absolutely loves it!

Mango Turmeric Baby Food Recipe

Mango Turmeric Baby Food

Mango Turmeric Baby Food

1/2 organic golden mango

2 to 3 teaspoons organic unsweetened coconut milk

1 teaspoon organic unsweetened fine shredded coconut 

organic turmeric 

Method Peel and cube the mango and peel off the skin. Then, blend or puree the mango until it's the consistency you want (for chunky blend less, for smooth blend longer). 

Then add in the coconut milk and blend for a few seconds to combine.  Add the coconut and I just added just a sprinkle of turmeric and stir with a spoon to combine completely. 

Store in the fridge for 3 to 4 days or freeze for up to 1 month.

High Altitude - Follow the recipe as noted.

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