Ocean Palms Beach Resort in Carlsbad, California

We always love going back to the beach and I do have to frequently go down to sea level to recipe test. Kimmy and Chris have a beach house in Oceanside, California and Delaney loves to go surf with Chris. So I searched the internet and stumbled upon this gem of a hotel that was only a mile away from their house, Oceans Palms Beach Resort. It is literally on the beach in Carlsbad, it's dog friendly, and it has full kitchens!

They even have gas (not electric) which is my fave and what I prefer to cook with - how could I get so lucky? We have stayed here about five times now for various recipe testing and just vacation. Last week was my birthday, so we went down just for fun. Check out some of our photos below and book this hotel next time you need a relaxing beach vacation in North County San Diego. 

We usually roll into town in the early evening...

Otto has stayed at this hotel so much, we call it "The Beach House" and he knows where we're going. The first thing he likes to do when we arrive is get all his toys out and then he's ready to chill.

One of the things I love about this hotel is that everything is so green. We have gotten so much rain lately that it was even greener than normal. There's palm trees and flowers covering almost every inch of this place. 

Otto loves to cruise the boardwalk and it's only a block away. I also run on the beach and boardwalk every day. I love coming down from the mountains to the beach and warm weather. Running is so fun and I feel so fast because I've been running at 8,000 feet! I usually wake up before Delaney and Otto, run on the beach and then they meet me for a cruise on the boardwalk.

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is go to the pool. Anyone that knows me, knows I love pools (even if I am steps away from the beach). I guess that's the Midwest in me. So, I love that they have a heated pool! And, I love that they have a hot tub because we always visit Brad over at B Project during our trips and we're usually pretty sore after working out and our PT sessions, so soaking in the tub every night is a plus.

On Wednesdays in Carlsbad they have a Farmer's Market. We make sure to go every time we're in town and it's only a few blocks from the Oceans Palms. There's a cool mural on the way. The winter one was a little bit smaller than the summer one, and we missed a few farmers we usually see. But, they always have organic fruits and veggies. We got the best strawberries!

My Dad came down for a day to visit because now that he lives in Palm Springs, he's so close! So, since he came down we thought we better take him to the beach. I can always count on my Dad to represent, even when we're miles away from Mimi's Cookie Bar.

We got some really pretty sunsets...

Otto was so pooped every night from going to the beach, Farmer's Market, shopping, eating, boardwalk cruising and more. He was totally okay when it was time to leave.