Project Dream Home | Avocado Green Mattress

Today I'm sharing some green knowledge for you all, as far as beds go! I have been getting ready to share my master bedroom suite with you, but before I do, I thought I'd do a post about my mattress so you can get all the green info here.

Delaney and I had a Tempur-Pedic bed for the last ten years. We knew we wanted to upgrade when we moved into the house, but we weren't really sure to what. There are so many mattresses out there and it can feel overwhelming to search one out, and especially one that is green.

So I did a lot of research before deciding on Avocado Green Mattress. But, I knew I wanted exactly what they offered - a healthy, non-toxic, organic mattress. And I got just that! Avocado Mattress uses organic certified latex, organic certified wool, organic certified cotton, and organic certified kapok fiber. Their mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions, and they're a certified B Corp. So, you can trust in Avocado Mattress if you care about what goes into your mattress and its impact on the environment.

We went with the Green Mattress and got the extra pillow top. Going from a more firm mattress, we weren't exactly sure what to expect when we unwrapped our Avocado Mattress. This one is not quite as firm as a Tempur-Pedic, but we're actually really happy with it! I kinda like that it's a little bit plush, but still firm enough. It's also much taller than our old mattress so it feels very luxurious. And Otto sleeps with us, of course, and he moves around a little bit in the night but that doesn't disturb us on this mattress.

We also were replacing our pillows when we moved, and I thought why not try out their Green Pillows. Wow, were we surprised by these! Almost more surprised with the pillows than the mattress, as I was expecting the mattress to be sweet. But, I had no idea what to expect with the pillows. And I have been buying The Company Store pillows for my entire life, so I was a little hesitant to try another kind. Delaney used to use an ugly cervical pillow and I hated having it on the bed haha. But, when we got the Green Pillows, Delaney decided to try it before making me buy a new cervical pillow, and he's been sleeping on it ever since - with no complaints! The pillows have a really nice cover and you can remove or add more stuffing as you need. I like a very firm pillow that doesn't deflate and I slept on the Green Pillow for six months before I felt like it even deflated a little. Since then I've added a little more filling to mine, and Delaney has removed some. So, this pillows is really for everyone! If you're looking for a green mattress and green pillows, definitely check out Avocado Mattress.