Project Dream Home | Breaking Ground

FINALLY!!! This is the point where every home owner (well still just land owner at the point) is jumping up and down and is relieved that they are starting the actual process of building a home! Everything up until this point has been theoretical, to a degree. You’re envisioning your home, you’re seeing it drawn, engineered, costed out - but you can’t see any progress on the actual home building, until now!

We broke ground the day after we closed on our construction loan. Tim is amazing, and he had everyone ready to go! So, for your records if you’re following along, we broke ground on July 29th, that was the day they started working - well digging. We started with surveying, grading the lot, getting our water meter in, digging for sewage, and staking out the actual home.

Next came the foundation and after only two weeks we were already pouring concrete!

I really advise taking some photos during this time, because if you visit your project almost daily (like we do) then you don’t really notice how much progress has been made. It was cool to look back and see our land photos, and then see how much work they’ve done in just one month!

Right now, we have a first floor, they have measured out all the rooms, we have a garage, and walls are up! Stay tuned for more photos of the process… I love seeing it transform!