Project Dream Home | Kitchen Design

So it has been a stressful couple of months over here with the house. I get why people just buy a house now, I totally get it - because it's so much work to build one. And it takes up so much time, time that drains you completely. But, I keep telling myself it will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it... And when I got some kitchen designs back I actually believed myself right there! It will totally be worth it once I can bake and eat inside my new beautiful kitchen.

We are getting our kitchen cabinets from Cliqstudios, as I mentioned in my previous post, Mood Boards. I was super stressed about the kitchen at first, because I could envision what I wanted in my head but had no clue how to communicate it. Besides a window over the sink, a large island and the color of the cabinets, I was lost. And this is the one area of the house I didn't want to worry so much about budget or sacrificing what I wanted. The kitchen is my bread and butter so to say, and it's also how I make a living. So, I want it to be designed well and a space that I am happy to be in all the time. Unlike my current kitchen, which is basically a tiny dark corner straight out of the seventies!

When I found Cliqstudios, among other online cabinet places, I got many samples. I was going back and forth between white, urban stone, and linen. I am ultimately going with the linen color because I am doing white countertops and a white backsplash; and I did want some contrast but I also still wanted it to be light, bright, and neutral so it will be the perfect backdrop for photos! I will have a real kitchen instead of a photo studio area for photos and it will be amazing!

Working with Cliqstudios was so easy. After I had gotten the free samples and decided I liked them above everyone else, I went onto their site to submit the form for a kitchen design, you can find it here. A designer will get back to you, my designer's name is Deb. She asked me for measurements of my kitchen (which I got from my architect) and she also asked for measurements of appliances, which I just sent her links to the ones we have in mind right now. She also asked me for anything specific I wanted, like an island, etc. And Deb is amazing! She asked me things I didn't even think of like, did I want a cabinet specifically for cookie sheets or spices? She also gave her suggestions on our plan and ways to make it more efficient and more budget friendly! What we came up with is below. And although my finished kitchen will look much different, this is the layout and design of the cabinets. Ignore the hardware, as mine will be different and of course I'll have a backsplash, and the small room in the corner is our walk in pantry - yes it will have a door (currently searching for a vintage inspired door with frosted glass). Deb's design is purely concerning cabinets so you might still have to use your imagination a little bit for the small things.

But, how amazing is this space!? I cannot wait to be able to get into this kitchen and bake, cook breakfast, and sit at the island and have a snack...

Once your kitchen design is finalized, you'll get a quote for your cabinets. That's where I'm at right now, as our house doesn't have a roof or walls yet. Once we get closer to having walls and floors I'll be able to place my order and have my cabinets delivered to the new house. Cliqstudios also delivers for free for larger orders, which is why we'll be getting our laundry room cabinets from them as well (more in an upcoming post). Stay tuned, for when I can install cabinets and have the beginnings of this amazing kitchen! I will be sharing the process from installation to completion. I am literally counting down the days.