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I am so excited to write this post! You have no idea how long I have been envisioning this kitchen in my mind! We've had our fair share of set backs, hiccups, and things go wrong with this kitchen. But, in the end I couldn't be happier and I think it's beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I am going to share with you the ups and downs and also give you links to where I bought everything!

I knew I wanted a light and bright kitchen. I thought about going all white, but in the end decided it would be too white for me because I knew for sure I wanted white countertops and backsplash so I could take lots of photos in my kitchen. So, I went with a white wall and I used Clare in the color Fresh Kicks. This white is the perfect clean bright white with no undertones as I wanted it to go nicely with the cabinets and also bring light into the kitchen. I chose a linen colored cabinet that makes for a light and bright kitchen, but also gives it some color and dimension.

My countertops are white quartz, and exactly what I was envisioning. I actually picked them from a cell phone photo! Originally we had planned to use Home Depot and I had picked out a white quartz that I loved, the Silestone Calacatta Gold was what I originally chose. I had bought and paid for our countertops from Home Depot when we began to have a problem. Home Depot does the installation too if you purchase from them, you can't buy countertops there without them installing. I loved their countertops, but because we are so remote Home Depot only comes to Mammoth once per month. So, after purchasing we had to wait for them to come to measure, then wait another whole month for them to come and install them. That's over 2 months of waiting for countertops! That was just too long for us to wait when we were moving right along and needed countertops to go in before we could do other things like the backsplash. So, I had to cancel my countertops from Home Depot (which they were very nice and understanding about).

I found a slab yard in Nevada called Pacific Stone Solutions. They have multiple locations in Nevada and California. The guy I worked with, Willie, was awesome. I showed him the Home Depot countertops and some photos of others I liked. He went into the yard and took photos on his phone of all the similar ones he had, and I chose one that way. He provided an estimate, which wasn't really much different in price from Home Depot either. He even held them for me for a month or so until we were ready to have them delivered. We then had our contractors countertop guys do the installation. Willie's crew delivered the countertops to their fabrication shop, they came up to Mammoth and measured, and a week later installed. They did an amazing job and I'm super happy with them. One of the really cool things they did was create a windowsill out of extra countertop we had. Delaney and I asked if they could do this because we thought it would be a better option than wood, which is what we did in the rest of the house, and they made it happen. The windowsill above the sink now is quartz, so it's much more durable with water in the area and I have the cutest succulents on there! Find my white succulent pots here. And I even got the succulents online, as you do everything in a small town when you can't find it haha! The succulents actually came in good shape and they are doing so well! Find them here.

I knew I would have a farm sink and I'm really happy with the one I bought. The one I have is reversible, meaning it's plain on one side and has the small stripe detail on the other. You can choose to mount it either way. I originally thought I wanted to have it plain, but after seeing it in person I liked the small stripe at the top as it gives it some character. You can find my farm sink here. And if you're wondering, this one drains fairly well without it really being sloped in the middle.

I did a matte black sprayer to match my hardware, and I really didn't spend much on the faucet. My plumber was really great and talked to us about purchasing a high end brand for the shower because if you need to replace it then you're talking about having to remove tile. So, for the shower we went Moen and spent a lot. But, for the kitchen sink I figured we could get away with spending less and if it broke then we could just replace it with something better when we weren't on such a budget. But, honestly this faucet and sprayer is great! I really love it and it's been working so good, find it here. My cute little mason jar soap dispenser is all I need on the sink because we buy an eco friendly dish soap and it works as hand soap too and smells great. I'm super sensitive to soaps and smells so finding one that I can use for both is amazing. And I hate having the ugly dish sop container on the counter so I just put dish sop into the soap dispenser, and we use it for washing dishes and washing our hands. Find my soap dispenser here and my dish soap here.

My black hardware all came from Home Depot as they were the only place where I found a true matte black. Most hardware is flat black, which isn't the same. Get samples if you're unsure which one you like best, but not all black is the same! I've linked my pulls here and my knobs here. I've also linked a similar version that's flat black here and here. We have black all over the house, which you'll see the rest soon. So using black for the kitchen hardware tied it all together and makes it stand out.

Okay, let's talk appliances! I thought about these for a long time before deciding what I wanted. Originally I wanted a double oven, because of course I would want two ovens! But, a friend of mine recently remodeled her kitchen and bought a double oven (for the same reasons I wanted one). And she had many problems with it not baking properly. So I started reading reviews (which I NEVER do because I believe in making my own decisions haha) but so many reviews said the same thing, across many brands! So I thought maybe it just wasn't worth it, plus it was way more money. I'd rather have an amazing oven that works well than two that work just okay. I fell in love with the Cafe Appliances oven, and knew that was where I would splurge and spend my money. My oven is linked here. Of all the appliances, this is the most important to me so spending the majority of my budget here and then saving on the fridge and dishwasher made sense for me. I also splurged and bought the stainless steel hardware and switched out the knobs on the oven, which I think makes a huge difference in the way it looks and also matches my kitchen!

One of the reasons I chose this oven is because you can easily switch from regular to convection, it's literally as simple as pushing a button. Because I recipe test at home for books and the blog, I know not everyone has a fancy convection oven (yeah that was me until just this past month). So I want to provide recipes made in a traditional oven so everyone can be confident in baking them. But, it's really nice to have convection when I want to bake something for myself or bake Otto's cookies faster because he is sitting in the kitchen whining at me!

So because I splurged on the oven, I actually saved a lot of money on the other two appliances. I waited for sales and shopped around, and ultimately went with Kenmore fridge and dishwasher from Sears. I tried to link the products for you, but neither of them are available anymore because I bought them so long ago! But, some tips for finding deals is to wait until big holiday sales. I actually bought my fridge over Labor Day last year and my dishwasher over Black Friday. Some places will let you push out deliveries, some will store them, and some of you may have your own storage to be able to shop the sales and store your appliances until you're ready, which is also ideal. If I had storage I would have done that, but instead I had my appliances stuck in the Sears store in Bishop for over 2 months and I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to get them out. I called Sears during quarantine in March to make sure they were still working and we didn't need to get appliances delivered early; they said they were working, just not delivering but we could pick them up. So, I waited a few more weeks until we were almost ready, called back to let them know we were going to be picking up and no one answered - for days! I had friends who lived in Bishop stop by the store, and no one was ever there. If you know me well, then you know I can be very determined. I actually hunted down the district manager and got the story that the owner of the Sears was no longer the owner, and corporate was taking it back. Lots of drama but because it had been closed for weeks my appliances were stuck in there and all I was trying to do was get them out. Eventually we had the new manager open up the store for us so Delaney and Chris could go down and get them, and I even got my delivery fees refunded so that was sweet. But, it was a huge headache! I had even bought another fridge (for the garage) thinking we may not have a fridge right away - it was full on panic mode for those couple weeks that it took to sort out that mess. The manager was actually helpful but we were coming down to the wire of moving in without them. But, thankfully I got my appliances and they are in!

I am obsessed with my kitchen rug! Not only does it match and compliment our kitchen so well, it's thick, nice on your feet, and stays in place. Otto also really loves to lay on it and surprisingly it doesn't show dog hair that bad! I loved it so much I got the grey one for inside the slider, find our rug here.

My bar stools, which I absolutely love, came from Target (of all places). And I say that because I usually don't find things at Target that I love, and I know people have an obsession with the store. But I love these stools! I knew I wanted something like this and it took me some time to find something in my budget, but I couldn't be happier with these. For the first month, this was the only place we ate all our meals! These chairs are so comfy, easy to clean and they are such good quality for the price. You can find them here.

And, if you love my salt and pepper shakers or butter dish - well those came from the bake shop! Call me there and I can hook you up with either one.

I can't wait to show you guys the rest of my house! It has been such a process and it's finally starting to feel like home. If you're curious about what we spent on the kitchen it was about $24,000 which includes all the things I've listed below and our cabinets (I'm a really good shopper). Mind you, Delaney did all the tile himself as well as made our hood vent from scratch, he also built out our pantry inside, and distressed the pantry door. These things would have costed us extra money that we were able to save by doing them ourselves. If you're thinking of re-modeling or planning out a new kitchen design or other area of your home I'd love to help! Delaney and I do these sorts of projects at our other company, Above 8000 Creative. Send me an email, we'd love to help with your project!

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