Project Dream Home | Master Suite Reveal

And here it is, our master bedroom! I'm so thrilled to have this room complete because I just get to enjoy it now. I'm sharing the details for our master suite that includes our bedroom, closet, and bathroom.

We made this room into one large suite, with only the barn door closing it off. We didn't do any doors from the bedroom, to the closet, or to the bathroom. There are two kinds of couples, the kind that close doors and the kind that don't. We are the latter so we didn't think doors were necessary, and I also feel it makes the space feel larger. Plus, Otto hates closed doors! He'll whine and whine when when they are actually closed, he just wants them opened.

We used Clare Paint throughout our whole house. In the bedroom I chose the color Chill because I wanted some color, but I also wanted it to feel relaxed. It's such a cool and mellow green grey color, and we absolutely love it! Our baseboards are painted with Fresh Kicks, and Delaney did a white wash on our window sills with Fresh Kicks as well. This is the color we used in the kitchen, living room, and throughout the rest of the house, so it kinda ties the house together.

I wanted a really cool and relaxing feel for the bedroom. Delaney and I have lived in so many houses, so many! And most of them haven't been very bright. Whether it was dark wood panels on the walls, little natural light, low ceilings, or dark wood on the floors we've lived in them all. So with our home, I really wanted it to feel light, bright, open, and airy. We have really tall ceilings in the whole house (they range from 9 feet to 12 feet depending which room you're in) so that helps a lot. And we have lots of windows! Light comes into our bedroom naturally very early in the morning, which makes it easy to wake up, which I love!

From the bedroom, you walk into the closet and then through to the bathroom. In the closet and bathroom, we did Fresh Kicks on the walls for a nice crisp white as well as on the baseboards. My closet rug is grey shag to hide dirtiness from little pug feet. The closet is Ott's favorite place to chill, he loves sleeping on this rug while I shower, dress, and get ready each morning. I spend a good amount of time here, so Otto does too. I absolutely love my closet! It's large and open (Delaney's side is opposite mine and looks identical except it's not as deep. Obviously, I got the larger side. And my ottoman is totally worth it, as it's a storage ottoman so I store all my scarves and bags inside.

You walk through our closet to get to the bathroom. I am so happy I did farm sinks in the bathroom too. It is so nice having a larger sink! I do love our vanity, but it has limited counter space. That's the only downfall. But, it makes us keep the counters uncluttered. Since we didn't do a built in closet (there just wasn't a place for it, as I did want one), we got a stand alone armoire for our closet instead. I updated it a little bit and got my own hardware to make it match our bathroom more. That's such an easy thing to do, when you buy a piece of ordinary furniture, you can make it more your own by just changing out the hardware. Something as simple as that can make it fit more in your space. So I got rid of the brushed bronze hardware and replaced the handles with modern matte black ones. And it houses all of our items perfectly.

We have a grey chevron tile on the floor and I did a more decorative tile in the shower on the floor. We did a very large shower in all subway tile with a bench going down one entire side.

Funny thing about the shower tile, Delaney didn't want to do the tile that's on the shower floor now, he wanted the grey chevron in the entire bathroom. Which I agreed to, we planned for, and bought only that tile for the entire floor (shower included). As you know, we did a lot of work ourselves on the house and Delaney did all the tile work throughout the entire house. So of course, he also did the bathroom. While sloping the shower floor with the drain and laying the shower tile... some things went terribly wrong and he lost all the grey chevron tile in a pile of thinset and we had to toss it. This led to more problems as we didn't have more grey chevron tile and it would have taken a long time to get more that we needed right then. So, surprisingly enough Amazon had this amazing black and white tile (very similar to the one I originally wanted!). When we showed Jeanne (Delaney's mom who was helping) she was over the moon with larger tiles for the shower floor! Plus this was before Covid so Amazon delivered in two days, it was perfect. So, I got my way in the end and Delaney is actually happy with it now. But, he had a hell of a time with that shower (he still reminds me of it)! But, it was totally worth it though, as we both enjoy it every single day!

We actually have mountain views out of the shower window, which makes the bathroom even more amazing. Even with all the hiccups and all the hard work, it was totally worth it to now be able to live in this amazing space.

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