Project Dream Home | Painting the Walls

Painting means you're getting close to your house being finished! I am so excited to see paint on our walls, it feels like such a long time coming. If you read my previous paint post about choosing paint, then you know we're using Clare paint for our home. I knew I wanted our paint to be eco friendly, zero VOC, and to be of high quality so it will last. I researched the top eco friendly paints, and ended up choosing Clare.

Delaney's mom is an interior designer, and when she first opened the Fresh Kicks trim paint for our railing, she couldn't believe how nice it was! She was talking about it for days. We used only three colors for the whole house, Fresh Kicks, Windy City, and Chill. I can't wait to share the finished house photos with you so you can see all the rooms with finished paint! Their colors are truly amazing, and having such a curated collection of colors to choose from was really nice. You can always get a swatch card and peel and stick swatches for your walls to test out colors too.

When we originally made plans for painting the house, we thought we would do all of it ourselves. Well, when the time actually came, and we were behind that kinda changed. Also, after choosing the smooth finish on our drywall - which is the most expensive drywall finish, Jorge (our dryllwall guy) kept hounding us on the paint job. His crew does painting as well, but he really just didn't want anyone to ruin his perfect walls!

So, we ended up hiring Jorge to spray the entire house with primer. And also to paint the ceilings. Delaney was confident that he could finish up with the walls. It was a way for us save some time, as the guys are so fast, and also save some money because all the spraying was easy for them and they didn't have to spend time taping or using different colors. Painting is something that you can do yourself, yes. But, it's also something that takes precision and know how, especially when you have brand new perfectly smooth walls. Delaney got lots of tips from Jorge and did a wonderful job on our walls!

Once Delaney started to paint, he was blown away by the paint. He said he didn't even need his mask because the paint was so nice and didn't smell or bother him at all.

Clare has so many vibrant colors that I kinda wanted to choose something bold. But, I also have lived in all kinds of crazy houses with so many different paint jobs. And I knew that I would soon get tired or bored of something that was too bright. I knew I wanted my home to be relaxing above all else, neutral enough that I could change decor if I wanted, and also complimenting of Delaney's and my style. So, the color I have here is the Chill, which we used in our bedroom and office. It's such a nice and soothing green that also is somewhat neutral. We used Fresh Kicks in most of the house, as well as for the trims. And, we used Windy City in the foyer.

Stay tuned for interior photos once we're moved in! I cannot wait to show you!