Revival Ice Cream

Today is Labor Day and while it should be cooling down, instead we're seeing 80 degrees in Mammoth for the foreseeable future. And I know it's much hotter in most places! So, today I'm sharing some much needed ice cream with you guys because if it's going to continue to be this hot, ice cream season is no where near over.

Introducing Revival Ice Cream. If you haven't heard of this little ice cream shop in Monterey then let me tell you that they ship nationwide! So, even if you are not in the bay area you can still get this delicious organic ice cream shipped right to your door!

I reached out and talked to Adriana, the founder. She of course, sent me some ice cream. I had plans to make ice cream sandwiches. However, Delaney and my dad could not wait to eat the ice cream so I just had to serve it up in bowls because when I went into the freezer to find the ice cream, I found some eaten out of each and every container! Revival has some really interesting flavors like Eucalyptus Mint, Honey Granola Crunch, Vegan Passionfruit Mango and more.

After the ice cream came the story of Revival Ice Cream from Adriana. Read about this ice cream shop that is doing so much more than just ice cream. And make sure to place an order to have this sweet cool treat delivered right to your door, order here.

When did Revival Ice Cream start and what's your title?

Revival was founded and started in October, 2016. I'm not much for titles. Whether it's owner, founder, creator, writer, mom, wife, daughter—like all of us, I inhabit many roles. What does matter to me: empowering others to make joyful choices that are good for themselves and for our planet.

How did the idea brew for Revival Ice Cream?

My background is varied and unique. It also presented significant challenges. Growing up in a violent home in my native Slovakia—a personal history I've nudged myself to share about more openly in the hopes of empowering others—often left me feeling like my world was out of control. Later in life, I developed a distinct pull toward exploring how one can heal themselves both physically and emotionally, as well as to supporting children in need.

Yet despite the strife of my complicated upbringing, I can also recount joyful moments. Particularly, moments with my brilliant scientist/inventor father (who, despite spending days and nights working long hours in the lab, always made time for ice cream). My father’s love of ice cream and the way it could soften the oft-serious exterior of this renowned inventor, showed me that what we eat has the power to affect us not just physically, but also emotionally.

I coupled this interest in the healing power of food with my genetic knack for science, ultimately leading me to pursue pharmaceutical studies while a young adult in Slovakia. Unlike some approaches here in the States, my program began with an in-depth focus an herbal and organic healing methods first most, creating a pharmaceutical foundation rooted in the natural environment. Essentially, I am trained to nourish by way of nature.

Armed with this education—and my passion for healing and youth support—I headed West to the United States, where I opened an organic and sustainable children’s store in Montecito, California. Over the shop’s five-year tenure, it evolved into a resource center offering seminars and information to help local families better understand nutrition and childhood development.

So naturally, when I was inspired to open Revival, the concept was so much more than simply making delicious ice cream. I was committed to serving honest, organic treats others could feel great about eating…AND…honoring my lifelong mission to heal through food and create a positive place for children of all ages.

Leading with humanity and education, Revival Ice Cream is the manifestation of my lifelong pull. I believe if I can impact even just one person (to help them get curious about the foods we eat and how we can evolve the way we harvest, share, and enjoy them), it’s the start of a powerful message that can grow far beyond my Monterey shop. Revival Ice Cream is more than ice cream; it’s a movement. A movement to return to our roots, to uplift our community, and to create memorable moments—all through the pure joy of ice cream!

We lovingly craft handmade, small batch organic ice cream, using locally harvested and sustainable ingredients and dairy…all because we know that what we choose to eat matters. It matters to our minds, bodies, hearts, and our planet. Simply put: Revival Ice Cream brings you pure, purposeful goodness in a cone (or in a bowl). It’s ice cream you can feel great about eating.

Where can people buy Revival Ice Cream?

People can buy our 100% handcrafted ice cream conveniently online, also at our wholesale partners in Monterey, Santa Cruz county so far ( locations are listed on our website) and in our store front in Monterey, CA

Why is organic important to you?

Choosing high quality, organic ingredients means you are putting yourself and your well being first. Originally from Slovakia, I grew up appreciating the value in wholesome, natural foods and using the gifts of nature to heal. Growing up with my dad environmentalist and inventor, in a family where food mattered, my dad taught me to never save on food. He taught me how to use plants to heal minor injuries, like using fresh cut onions for bee stings and aloe vera for burns. He always told me to eat pears with holes in them. If there is a hole, it has no sprayed chemicals, which makes it safe for birds, safe for the planet, and safe for you to eat. I just grew up with that mindset. It makes sense to not use anything that harms our precious insects, soil, water, and us people.

I created this company with the vision of creating purposeful business and making things better. Our daily choices matter so much more and on a much bigger scale than we realize.

We really need to pay attention to what we eat, how our ingredients are grown, and where we need to stop using our planet as it belongs to us.

You guys are a certified green business, tell me about that.

Yes that was the very first goal I wanted to achieve to be certified as green business. We choose organic ingredients, the way we process our ingredients, products we use to clean our store, no plastic straws, water bottles, using reusable tubs for ice cream not one use throw away, buying in bulk…It all adds up to a green business.

How do you come up with all of your unique flavors?

Seasons dictate most of our flavors since we use fresh ingredients . Then we also take the most loved flavors like peanut butter chip, and make them into healthier versions by using, for example, pure peanut butter. Or we take it step further and make them available to all by making it vegan with organic oat and coconut milk. And there is of course my childhood memories, like Lemon Peel Sherbet :)

Which flavor is your favorite?

Our Lemon Peel Sherbet and Summer Lemonade, I have very special memories over ice cream with my dad. He loved sweet ice cream and I always enjoyed a scoop of tart lemon.

Do you have seasonal flavors?

YES. We use locally grown produce and ingredients that are available only at certain times of the year, or we use flavors that are symbolic of the season we make them. These Limited Seasonal flavors are made in small batches, and once they’re gone, they are gone! For example we make Lavender in July, Peach Pie in August, and Pumpkin Cheesecake in October.

In addition?

You’re in wonderful hands with Revival Ice Cream. We care deeply about the food we create for you. And because of this, we craft our ice cream in-house every step of the way, right down to making our own organic ice cream base.

We make fresh batches daily, starting with our from scratch-made ice cream base and then blend in real food ingredients like in season peaches or lavender from our backyard. Our fan favorite Bees Knees is made with local Monterey honey, bee pollen, and beeswax. Our organic California dairy comes from ethically treated cows that are provided plenty of room to graze and never fed hormones or antibiotics. We offer plenty of vegan choices, too!

We are grateful for the opportunity to work exclusively with farmers and suppliers who believe in our movement just as strongly as we do.

When you enjoy one of our lovingly crafted scoops (or two, or three), you’ve made the choice to treat yourself with REAL food you can TRUST.