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Sweet Cream Pie Jar Recycling Ideas

So we used to have a recycling program at the bakery that if you bring back your Pie Jar you could return it for a free cookie. We started this program to promote recycling, and it definitely worked. We had customers in here daily bringing back bags of jars. We also had customers leaving bags of jars outside our doors after we'd closed for the day. We loved seeing all this recycling! But, removing all the labels from the jars, washing and sanitizing the jars took up way more time than we could have imagined with the amount of jars we were receiving back. So, we sadly had to stop our recycling program.

Here's a list of ideas to reuse your pie jar!

Recipes by Mimi Council.s

1. Use Jars for Fruit Storage

2. Herb Garden

Use jars to create an herb garden in your kitchen! These jars work great for growing any herbs such as basil, mint or even green onions!

3. Trail Mix in a Jar

Make our Happy Hippie Trail Mix and store in a jar! 

25 grams organic dried blueberries

55 grams all natural Sun Drops

30 grams organic roasted & salted peanuts

30 grams organic pecans

Mix in a bowl, add to jar.

Trail Mix in a Jar

4. Make Oatmeal in Jars

Make overnight oats or just oatmeal and use a jar!

Oatmeal in Jars

5. Candles

If you have loose candles, place them in the jars so they don't drip wax everywhere. They make the perfect centerpiece look even brighter!

6. Cupcake to Go

Use the jars to store already made cupcakes in. This is perfect for taking one cupcake to work or on the road. If you remove the cupcake wrapper before putting into the jar, you can easily eat with a fork and don't have to remove the cupcake from the jar!

Cupcake in jar

7. Caramel Sauce & Chocolate Ganache Storage

If you're baking at home, you probably have a stash of Caramel Sauce or Chocolate Ganache on hand at all times (like us). These jars are perfect for storing each of these in. Find the recipe for our Caramel Sauce here, and find the recipe for our Chocolate Ganache here.

8. Bathroom Necessities

Store things like Q-Tips, cotton balls, mascara or eye liner in the jars.

9. Make Your Own Nut Butter!

These jars are perfect for storing nut butter! Make your own and then store it in the glass jar.

10. Salad Dressing, Marinades and Sauces

Jars are also perfect for storing salad dressing, marinades and sauces.

11. Hummus & Veggie Snack Storage Going to work and adventuring both require snacks. Well let's be real, and these jars are the perfect vessel.

12. Yogurt & Granola Snack

Sometimes breakfast has to be on the go. These jars are the perfect to go breakfast if you fill them with yogurt and granola. Choose any combination of flavors you like.

13. Dog Treat Storage

You gotta keep your doggie treats fresh too. These jars are perfect if you're traveling with your dog.

14. Gift Gummies Fill the jars with candy and tie a ribbon, it makes an adorable gift!

15. Bacon Fat

This is the perfect little jar to store bacon fat in. Or any grease for that matter.


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