Sweet Things

Sometimes sweet things happen when you least expect it. I was on a bad luck streak recently, and it wasn't very fun. In the spring, I got some bad news about a work related opportunity we were counting on, my head decorator and best friend decided to leave the bakery to fulfill her dream to dance professionally "one last time" during our busiest time of year, my washer at home died and we got asked to be on a cooking competition show but had to decline for various reasons...just to name a few of my bummer moments of this spring. 

I am an eternal optimist, for those that don't know me personally. So, I was just going along as usual, thinking that something good was bound to happen soon. I was literally waiting for it. And then, of course when I wasn't expecting it, something did! 

My new friend and employee, Thea (along with her husband Matt), showed interest in investing in Mimi's Cookie Bar. It absolutely melted my heart to know that someone loves what I am doing so much that they want to be a part of it. I got this feeling five years ago when Kimmy and Chris Benchetler showed their love by investing to help us open our Mammoth Lakes bakery, and I am so lucky to feel like this not only once in my life but twice! Thea was showing amazing potential at work and I could tell she was loving it. I also loved having her around and it was awesome to teach someone that was learning so fast. I just had a feeling she was going to be with us for a while, little did I know I was right.

I am so excited to share my passion, my ideas and what I know with her now, and for a long time to come. Kimmy and Chris are also excited to welcome a new couple into our Mimi's Cookie Bar family. Thea and Matt's investment will help us along in our plans of opening a second bakery location in or around Oceanside, CA. This is a while down the road for us (1-2 years), but we are open about how much we want to do this, and all of us here at Mimi's Cookie Bar are excited about the possibility of opening a second bakery. So stay tuned and follow us on social media for more news about when we will be opening the new shop!

A little background on Thea, we originally met her last year when she booked her wedding with us. She was gluten free, and I remember that being something she was really excited about - that we actually offered items she could eat! Her wedding was a stand out because it was styled beautifully and she had an awesome assortment of desserts (our favorite kind of event!) We also remembered it because she had these letters "M & T" that were so cool, and of course Delaney and I were arguing over where to place them on her table haha. 

Flash forward to the following winter on an epic powder day. I was of course working at the shop, and Delaney was snowboarding with whoever he could poach the Black Pass Line with. He happened to run into Thea in the lift line. She noticed the Mimi's Cookie Bar sticker on his snowboard, and she said hi to him. She reminded him of her wedding and also told him she and Matt were living in Mammoth full time now. She mentioned to Delaney that she saw our Instagram post that we were hiring at the bakery, and she was interested but she had no baking experience (other than baking at home) so she hadn't contacted us. Delaney told her that we are willing to train anyone that's passionate about it, and that she should contact me. She did the next day, and it's all history from there. Only in a small town would something like this happen, and I think that's part of the beauty of living in Mammoth Lakes. 

You will frequently see Thea behind the counter, and in the back baking. She's also in charge of all of our weddings now! She will be taking over the bakery here in Mammoth once we do open our second location. And, Delaney and I will be the ones moving down south to open and run the new shop until it's self sufficient, and we can move back to Mammoth. But for now you'll see us both in the bakery. All of my regular customers, I hope you will get to know her and develop a relationship with her, as you have done with me. Part of owning Mimi's Cookie Bar is simply knowing that I can brighten someone's day with something as simple as dessert. I love seeing all of my regular customers daily and weekly in the bakery so I hope you'll all join me in welcoming Matt & Thea to the shop!