Want to Buy a Franchise?

Are you looking to own your own business? Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to create your own schedule? Do you love to bake? If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you should consider purchasing a Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop Franchise. We just started selling franchises and I couldn’t be more excited to offer other entrepreneurs the opportunity to do what I do every day. If I can make it happen in our tiny mountain town that is only four square miles, I can’t wait to see what our franchise locations can do!

I wanted to give a little more info here on the blog because I’ve been getting a lot of requests for franchise information lately, but I have felt a lot of people don’t quite understand what a franchise is. And that’s okay! And that’s why I want to go into more detail about them. A franchise is a business opportunity that allows you to own and run your own business, but with quite a bit of help that you wouldn’t have if you were starting out on your own. You get 24/7 support from me, who has successfully done exactly what you are setting out to do. Open, run and create a successful Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop. So, I created a little Q & A below with some popular questions I’ve been getting asked lately. I hope this will better help you understand the franchise business model, and why so many businesses choose to franchise. There are benefits for both the corporate office and the franchisee, which could be you!

What is a franchise? A franchise is business model/plan that is sold to an entrepreneur. There is an initial franchise fee, which is standard with every franchise. Our initial franchise fee is $20K, which is right in the middle range for most food franchises. After that, there is an ongoing royalty fee, ours is 6% - which again is pretty middle of the range for most food franchises (they can range anywhere from 5-7%). When you purchase a franchise, you get so many things. You get the rights to use our name, logos, branded merchandise, help finding a location, help designing your store, we handle all your social media (and you start out with our massive following of over 50K people and growing), we manage the website, we design all your ads… And of course you get our operating manual that tells you everything you need to know about operating your Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop - how to hire employees, employee rules/standards, how to run your payroll, what food distributors to use, help with costing out your menu, and of course all of our recipes to bake daily at your location.

What are the benefits of opening a franchise? Couldn’t I just open my own business instead? You certainly can open your own business at any time. But, there are many benefits to opening a franchise instead. You have the bulk of the work already done for you. Things such as a logo, a website, operating manual, policies and procedures for day to day business, recipes, costing sheets, vendor list of the best vendors for the best prices, designed merchandise, and also a big following of loyal customers who are waiting for more locations to open. It might not sound like a lot when you’re thinking of spending money to purchase ovens, fridges, etc. But, the things I listed here could be valued at way more than $20K. Which is why franchises can be such a great business for so many people. Plus, you get constant support from someone who has already successfully done exactly what you’ll be doing. What happens if this happens, what happens if that happens? There will always be speed bumps when you own a business, but having someone to talk to who has been possibly through those exact things can be a major game changer. It can really help you focus, slow down and breathe - because you will get through it.

Why is Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop selling franchises? Why don’t you just open up another location yourself? We were planning to open another location in Southern California by the beach. However, we ultimately decided to put our money into setting up our business to franchise instead. There were a number of reasons for this. But, our biggest reason being because of our ultimate goal, which is to be able to serve more people with our amazing, one of a kind, organic desserts. So, setting up our business to franchise would allow us to serve a larger amount of people faster than if we were to open more locations. We can help set up and train new franchisees faster than we would be able to open our own stores because we aren’t the owner of the store. We’ll be honest that it takes some hard work to be a bakery owner, but most importantly the owner of the business should be around should they be needed and we can’t be in two places at once. So, we want to help show other people that they can run their own business and be successful, just like us.

What is the timeline for opening a franchise? Once the agreement is signed it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months (or shorter or longer) to open up your location. We will be working with you the entire time to help find the location of your shop, design the inside, get it furnished, ready for bakin and for customers. During that time frame you will also attend training at our Mammoth Lakes, CA location so you’ll be ready for opening day. We will also have 2 members of our staff at your location for the first week of your store opening to make sure everything is running smoothly.

What happens after my franchise is open? Once you open, you will run your franchise location. We will be here for constant support and questions should you need any help. Things will come up, and we will help you through them. You will pay us a 6% royalty, monthly (most franchises pay weekly, but we opted for a monthly payment to make it easier to budget). We will also promote your new franchise locations to all of our customers, on our website and on our social media that has a big following! You will own a Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop and be your own boss.