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Like to sell - Must be able to be comfortable selling desserts and retail, talking to customers and explaining our products

Friendly + Outgoing - Excellent customer service skills

Clear Communicator - Speak plainly and communicate well with other staff and managers 

Hard working + Dedicated - Looking for someone who works hard and is passionate about living in Mammoth Lakes

Meticulous - Must be detail oriented, and notice the difference in small things 

Team Player - Must be able to work well with others

Independent - Must feel comfortable working alone at times and can motivate oneself to do so

Multi Tasker - Be able to do two things at once and jump from one to the other, helping a customer or another task

Reliable + Flexible - We are flexible and accommodate our employees schedules, we simply ask that you do the same

Trustworthy - No explanation needed

- Our work environment is fun, upbeat and very informal. At times it can be hectic, at times it can be slow. We want someone who can roll with the punches and be a dedicated employee during both of these times. 

- Our work is meaningful to us and our customers. You must feel the same way and have a passion for desserts, organic ingredients, and the environment in order to work here. 


Benefits include organic meals while at work and employee discounts.

Sorry, we do not hire seasonal employees. Please email your resume to

Cookie dough being scooped
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