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We make cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies and sweets using organic ingredients and no artificial colors! We also offer a variety of Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegan Gluten Free and Paleo cookies that we ship everywhere in the U.S. And you can find organic recipes on our blog to bake at home that also include instructions for high altitude baking!

Featured Recipes

Dipped Honey  Cardamom Sandwich Cookies

Dipped Honey Cardamom Sandwich Cookies

Posted by Mimi on 7th Apr 2019

Spring is trying to make it’s way to Mammoth right now, but we’ve still been having light dustings of snow here and there. I am so ready for spring! Not only because we are trying to get our house built, but I am really ready for some warm weather an..

Mom in the Mountains | Flying With Your Little One

Mom in the Mountains | Flying With Your Little One

Posted by Thea & Mimi on 5th Apr 2019

Izzy took her first flight at just 2 months old. It was a short one, Mammoth Lakes, CA to Los Angeles, CA. It is just under an hour flight so I felt it was a good one to start with. And an easy way to see the grandparents! When Izzy was almost 6 mont..

Speckled Pound Cake

Speckled Pound Cake

Posted by Mimi on 3rd Apr 2019

So, remember in my Cranberry Clusters post I said that whenever staff messes up something at the bake shop it turns into my Mystery Basket (like on the show Chopped) and I create a blog recipe out of it? Well, here’s another one for ya. Delaney..