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Mom in the Mountains | Valentine's Day Snack Mix

Having sweets around is inevitable at our house, after all we own a bakery! Growing up I was never really “restricted” from sweets, but we also didn’t regularly have sweet snacks in my house. More often than not, our snacks were something salty like crackers or pretzels.

Food has always been about moderation and a balance between how much exercise I am getting, when I exercise more I eat more. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and therefore I was always eating. Because I was training so many hours and burning so many calories, I needed to be eating a ton! I even had a drawer in one of my dressers that was my “candy drawer”. What can I say, I had a big sweet tooth when I was young (and not much has changed). I was always surprised and happy that my mom never took away my candy drawer.

Now having my own child has forced me to review my entire lifestyle and the examples I am setting. I will say, there’s no candy drawer in my bedroom. But, I am constantly looking for ways to have something a little sweet along with my snack. Snack Mixes are a great way to combine sweet and salty. They can be full of healthy things like dried fruits and nuts, and they are easy to add in a little something extra like chocolate chips or pieces of cookies. Izzy is loving food more than ever these days, so having snacks around for her is key. A snack can take her from crying to smiling in a minute. But, I also end up eating them! So, I want them to be something we both can get nutrients from as well as enjoy.

I made this Valentine’s Day Snack Mix with pieces of Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, dried cranberries, roasted & salted peanuts, pretzels and Sun Drops. It has everything you could want - sweet, salty and chocolate! This one is perfect for sharing with those you love this month as the Sun Drops are naturally colored with fruits and veggies in Valentine’s Day hues of pink and orange. I keep a jar in my purse for when Izzy (or I) get hungry!

Valentine's Day Snack Mix in a packed jar

Valentine’s Day Snack Mix 

Makes 6 cups

12 organic shortbread cookies, chopped (about 2 heaping cup of chopped cookies)

127 grams (1 cup) organic dried cranberries

85 grams (1 cup) organic pretzels

142 grams (1 cup) organic roasted & salted peanuts

212 grams (1 cup) Sun Drops

Method Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

Store in jar for bringing anywhere!

Gluten Free – Make sure you’re using gluten free pretzels and cookies.

High Altitude – Follow recipe as noted.

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